Raising Australian Labradoodles

Tips for the First Few Days

  • Decide on a name for your puppy and use it often so he can start to learn it.
  • Let puppy investigate and get familiar with one room, preferably the one he will be spending most time in, then move on to others when he seems comfortable in that one
  • For the first few nights he will need reassurance about his new home. He will probably stay close to you for comfort and guidance. Let him sleep next to your bed to calm him when he gets scared and to take him out quickly if he has to go.
  • Limit the number of visitors till puppy has become used to his new home.
  • Puppies are very fun to play with but, when he is sleeping let him sleep. They really need it at this age.
  • Establish a set routine with eating, going to the bathroom, play, and sleep.