Labradoodle Guardian Home Program

Our labradoodle guardian home program was originated to give all of our wonderful breeding doodles a home and the loving family they deserve. We love our dogs dearly and want them to be placed with a family that loves them as much as we do! We are not a kennel and do not kennel our breeding dogs. We also can’t have all of them in our home so we carefully select nearby families that can provide guardian homes for our dogs. What this means is that if you take part in the guardian program, Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC would place a dog in your home with you as their forever family. The labradoodle is then raised, trained and cared for by you, just like a normal pet would be. Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC would be responsible for any and all reproduction and breeding related costs but as the forever family, you would be responsible for the general routine veterinary care and wellness, annual vaccines, grooming expenses, training expenses and of course lots of love and family socialization!
The breeding rights of this dog are owned by Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC. Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC will need to have access to the labradoodle at certain times during the year for about 6 years. We would need the dog a couple of times a year for testing and when they are bred. The dog then would quickly come back to your home. If they are ready to whelp a litter they would come here to Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC a week before their due date and stay until the pups are weaned. Then they head back to their life and the family they love at your house!
At the end of their breeding career (determined by breeder and vet together and usually about 8 litters) they are spayed or neutered at our expense and the adoption process is complete! They will then remain with you and their forever family! We can discuss more in detail once you have been selected to be a guardian family! We look forward to working with you and are glad you are interested in our loved labradoodles!

Requirements to take part in our Guardian Home Program

  • Live within 30 miles from our home (Mt Jackson, VA)
  • Have a physical fence around at least part of your yard
  • Own your own home
  • The labradoodle must be an indoor pet
  • You need to have a schedule that does not leave your doodle alone for extended periods of time
  • Willingness to bring the pup/dog to Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC a few times throughout the year
  • Always have the doodle on a leash next to any kind of street (even on a neighborhood street) or whenever in a public place
  • Be willing to attend obedience school and continue training at home
  • Be willing to feed a high quality dog food approved by Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles LLC
  • Crate train puppy/dog
  • Notify Providence Hill before a grooming cut (We may want pictures!)
  • ´╗┐Provide good health care
  • Socialize and provide lots of love!
  • If for some reason you have to leave the area or you can no longer take care of the dog, the dog must be returned to the breeder
  • The guardianship guidelines must be met or the dog will be returned to the breeder
  • If the dog passes away from an unforseen accident, the forever home will not be held liable