Getting Ready for Your New Australian Labradoodle Puppy

One look into your Australian Labradoodle puppy’s soft brown eyes, and you’ll want to be the doting pet parent who provides your new canine pal with every creature comfort possible.

You’re going to be tempted to throw every resource you have at preparing for the arrival of a puppy, dashing through the pet store aisles with a basket full of goodies or strategically organizing the delivery of your online purchases, but you don’t have to throw all of your finances into puppy care and accessories for the new family member.

It’s normal to be anxious and want the best for your new puppy, even if you aren’t sure just what that is yet. But you don’t have to go overboard.

Your new puppy is just as anxious about her new home as you are. After all, she’s leaving the only family she’s ever known – her mom and her littermates, and joining a new pack that she hopes will be her forever family.

You can make that transition as easy and safe as possible with just a little planning before her arrival.

The Basics: Crates and Beds

A Dog’s Gotta Eat

And Now for a Little Entertainment

Going Out

labradoodle puppy collar

Grooming and Health Care

brush for a labradoodle dog's coat

Dogs with ears that fold over are more prone to ear infections than their more wolf-like cousins. If moisture collects inside your puppy’s ear, the folded over part creates the kind of warmth in which bacteria thrive. Using a canine ear wash regularly can help keep the ears clean and dry, possibly eliminating the need to visit the vet because of an earache.

What about your puppy’s teeth?  The care of your canine’s teeth is just as important as yours. Get your puppy used to you touching his mouth, checking his teeth and even massaging his gums. As your puppy becomes an adult, taking care of his teeth is more important than ever. You can gently rub his teeth with sterile gauze to remove food particles, or use doggy toothpaste and a finger brush. This daily dental care may help stem other health issues as he gets older.

Many pet owners have a pair of nail clippers for their dogs, but these clippers look nothing like yours. A good pair of nail clippers for a dog should have a nail guard that prevents you from cutting the nail too close to the quick. Cutting the quick is not only painful for your dog, but it bleeds a lot as well. There are styptic powders available to stop the bleeding, or in an emergency, you can apply a little cornstarch to the cut.

In Conclusion

Raising a puppy will be one of the most memorable and fun experiences you and your family may have. There’s a lot of work ahead for everything, but your puppy will be working just as hard as you are while she learns what you expect of her and how to get along in her new pack.

There’s a lot of love you can provide for your new Australian Labradoodle puppy, but remember that you won’t earn your dog’s affection with what you buy for her. You earn her love and devotion with the time you invest in her training and companionship.