Oral Flea / Tick Medication Warning

Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles strongly advises against  using oral flea and tick medication with Australian Labradoodles.

There have recently been multiple severe ilnesses and deaths involving their use, in particular with Nexguard. One of our breeder friends personally lost a dog due to Nexguard and we’ve also heard of repeated accounts from clients that have given Nexguard to their puppies only to have them be on life support shortly after its administration.

We do not advise use of any pesticides  given by mouth! We do a roation of topicals that have been safely used on Labradoodles. Pests evetually become resistant to heavily used pesticides which is why manufacturers  of these products continue to change the formulas and create new active ingredients. We have been successful using a rotation of Advatix, Revolution (not plus, which contains newer, possibly problematic ingredients)  and Frontline Plus. We pick a product and stick with it until we see evidence of fleas(sometimes this doesn’t happen for years!), then use other topicals. This has proven effective for us.

The oral flea and tick medications that have allegedly caused  severe ilness and death in the labradoodle community include: Trifexis, Comforis, Nexguard and Bravecto. There are new ones coming out yearly that we may not be aware of because we don’t allow their use on our breeding dogs.


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