Unleash Your Puppy's Potential with Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles' Two-Week Board-and-Train Program!

Unlock a world of mutual understanding and respect between you and your new puppy!

At Providence Hill Australian  Labradoodles, we have crafted a specialized two-week board-and-train program designed to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and great dog behavior.

With our program, your puppy will embark on an exciting learning journey where they'll

  • Name Game Mastery: We'll teach your puppy to respond to their name, the first step
    in cultivating their attentive behavior.
  • Sit Command: Your puppy will learn the "Sit" command, an essential for good
  • Down Command: The "Down" command will be introduced, keeping your puppy calm
    and composed in various situations.
  • Stay Command: Teaching your puppy the "Stay" command will encourage patience
    and impulse control.
  • Recall Excellence: Your pup will begin learning the all-important "Come" command,
    enhancing their safety and responsiveness.
  • Leave It & Drop It: Essential commands like "Leave it" and "Drop it" will be
    introduced to ensure your puppy's safety and well-being.
  • Polite Greetings: We'll inculcate polite greeting manners, curbing any tendencies for
  • Crate Training: Your puppy will learn to view their crate as a safe haven, helping in
    house-training and ensuring peaceful nights.
  • Potty Training Basics: We'll kickstart the potty training process, setting you and your
    puppy up for house-training success.

Remember, at Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles, we don't just train - we inspire your puppy to learn and grow. Our method is rooted in positive reinforcement, helping your puppy associate learning with fun and enjoyment.

At the time of pickup, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of your puppy's training journey and achievements. We'll guide you on how to sustain and build upon this foundation, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to raise an all-star Labradoodle!

Successful training is a two-way street. Your commitment to reinforcing these behaviors at home is vital for the continued progress and development of your puppy. A well-trained Labradoodle is not just our accomplishment, but yours too. Let's embark on this fulfilling journey together, shaping the future of your furry family member!