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Welcome to Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles! We are an in home breeder in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We produce the best labradoodle puppies available on the East Coast, including: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The Australian Labradoodle originated down-under where a select few kennels set out to produce hypo-allergenic guide and therapy dogs. Australian Labradoodles are a cross breed between the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle. From these two breeds, the labradoodle inherits the labrador’s trainability and the low-shed coat of the poodle. Like most labradors and poodles, Labradoodles are generally friendly, outgoing and good with children and families. Many have a strong affinity for water.

Our healthy Australian Labradoodle puppies have naturally family-friendly temperaments. Our breeding adult labradoodles must pass a wide array of genetic health testing to give all of our puppies the best shot at a long healthy life (see our health warranty). We strive to be one of the best labradoodle breeders on the east coast, and feel that we have well balanced labradoodles that will produce sound, loving, beautiful labradoodle puppies.

Tom holding two of his Australian LabradoodlesThe custom-built home for our labradoodles
Can’t say enough great things about Providence Hill and Tom! We’ve had Bruno our labradoodle for over a year now and he’s the most perfect puppy! Tom was awesome and super helpful with all our questions! Jenny
I brought home my first fur baby Pharaoh last year in March and picked up my second one, Wise, this past Friday. Both are male, chocolate labradoodles. I love them both! And working with Tom was great! Thank you for your kindness and excellent customer service.Omar
I cant thank the Harris’s enough! Mr. and Mrs. Harris were very helpful in answering my questions especially as a first-time dog owner. The transition of bringing Koda home was smooth and our sweet Koda has been a dream!! He’s loyal, smart, and loves to cuddle! Bevs A.
Sadie is amazing. She is sweet smart and just loves to be held. We could not be happier, she is the most beautiful pup we have ever seen. We have had her for a month now and she is just about fully potty trained. She is going to a trainer and she said she's one of the smartest dogs she has seen and so stinking CUTE!!!The DeVito Family
Big thank you to Kay and Tom! You brought us happiness and joy into our lives. Our puppy Leopold is the most adorable boy who knows how to rock the party. We highly recommend Providence Hill. Place to be if you are looking for four-legged soul mates!The Feigl Family
We received our chocolate labradoodle last summer from Finn and Cookie. She is an amazing, sweet, smart and beautiful puppy!! Our daughter Haley named her Comet for Haley's Comet. Everyone comments on how calm she is for a puppy. We could not be happier with our choice of puppy!!!Michael J. - Washington DC